Inwood United Methodist Church




62 True Apple Way

Inwood, WV 25428
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1730, Inwood, WV 25428

(304) 676-5202


Charlie Henry, Pastor







Worship service at 9:30 AM

Sunday School at 10:45 AM

Bible Study at 10:30 AM



We have a very active Community Outreach Program.


We would love to have you come and join us in our fellowship, outreach and Christian love


If you have any pastoral concerns or would like more information about the church, please contact Rev. Charlie Henry at

304-676-5202 or 304-725-8631.


Our History


     The Inwood Congregation was started under the leadership of Rev. B.P.S. Busey.  The people of the Inwood Community responded to the challenge of God's work and worked together to complete its first church building in 1895.  The building was a frame structure built for the cost of $1,500.00.  Under the leadership of Rev. Busey, the Inwood parsonage was constructed in 1897 for the cost of $1,000.00.  This structure housed the pastors and their families until 1963 when it was sold. 


     The Inwood Church was successful in its efforts and by using an annual Camp Meeting for evangelistic purposes and presenting a year around ministry to the community, grew and soon felt the inadequacy of the church building.


     The Inwood Congregation built its second church home in 1928.  This church building, the present one, was of brick construction costing $17,500.00.  Its dedication was on November 25, 1928 with Rev. J.H. Brunk and Rev. W.F. Gruever officiating. 

     The Inwood Church has given Rev. Leslie O. Shirley to the Christian ministry and takes pride in the outstanding missionary work that he and his wife are doing in Africa.  James H. Legg, a son of the church, is now a student in United Seminary and the congregation looks with anticipation to his service in the Virginia Conference.


     The Inwood Congregation has grown.  The property to the west of the church has been acquired  and God has richly blessed the congregation.