Butler's Chapel United Methodist Church




29 Butlers Chapel Road, Martinsburg, WV
Church Telephone: (304) 754-9788


Forrest Cummings, Pastor

 Pastor's e-mail: fhc44@aol.com




Sunday Worship: 11:00 AM
Sunday School: 10:00 AM




We are to be spirit-filled, spirit-led, experiencing authentic Christian Love in the community and bearing fruit. To be a people of faith and open to what the Holy Spirit is doing in our time.  To love God and love people.




In the summer of 1907 an afternoon Sunday School was formed in response to the need in the community.  It was held in the woods just east of the present Church.  That fall and winter Sunday School was continued in the homes and prayer meetings were held on Wednesday evenings.  In the Spring of 1908 land was dontated by the Butler Family and the Church was built that summer.  Rev. Isaac Michael served the Berkeley Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.  The Circuit was made up of Hedgesville, Bedington,Cherry Run and Butler's Chapel and the building was dedicated on October 30, 1908.  In 1952 the Church was remodeled with wiring and light fixtures, floors, and a piano.  That led to a new Educational addition and on Nov. 13, 1958 the unit was dedicated at the fiftieth Anniversary of the Church. Then in 2013 the kitchen was completely remodeled with flooring, new cabinets, and appliances.  All new tables and chairs were placed in the dining hall.