Bunker Hill United Methodist Church




9863 Winchester Avenue,
Bunker Hill, WV

Church Telephone: 304-299-8508

Rev. Daniel Breidenbaugh, Pastor


Website: www.bhumcwv.com

Email: bhumchurch@gmail.com

Pastor’s Email: DBreidenbaugh@gmail.com





Sunday Worship: 10:00 am
Sunday School at 9:00 AM


 Blessings and Welcome!


Bunker Hill United Methodist Church is truly a warm and welcoming community of people. Each week, approximately 100 men, women and children join together for worship at our two Sunday morning services.

Our pastor, Reverend Wayne Frum believes that worship is one of the most important and powerful events of the week, and he places a great deal of emphasis into worship planning and sermon preparation.

Bunker Hill United Methodist Church offers two worship services each Sunday.

Our worship services are relaxed, and so is the dress. We welcome people to come as they are--the way God welcomes us all in Christ.

The presence of the Holy Spirit can truly be felt at the Bunker Hill United Methodist Church.

Our Mission is to enable all people to have a personal relationship with Christ through discipleship ministry.  Our Vision is to grow as Christians and to reach out in love and service to all people.

Come and join us as we worship God and support one another through our walks with Christ.